meet sara

Sara Stapleton Barrera is a constitutional lawyer and the only candidate running to represent the best interests of all people in Texas Senate District 27. She graduated from Antioch College located in Ohio with a Bachelor degree in music performance. She then returned home to Brownsville where she spent a challenging year as an educator, teaching elementary school music. As a teacher, Sara came to realize the need for Texas to establish a 100% equitable school finance system that benefits children and provides teachers with resources they need to ensure all students are successful. 

Sara went on to law school and graduated from Thurgood Marshal School of Law in 2010 and has since been practicing law in South Texas as a criminal defense attorney, helping those in need of a civil rights fighter in the courtroom. Sara understands that the broken criminal justice system too often abuses the falsely accused. As a constitutional lawyer, Sara has been in the trenches defending those whose constitutional rights are violated. Sara has seen firsthand how the system is rigged against working families , women, immigrants, our LGBT community, and all other minorities. 

Sara was born in Harlingen and grew up in Brownsville where she graduated from Hanna High School. Growing up, Sara lived near the Port of Brownsville off a caliche road in the outskirts of town. There, she learned the importance of creativity and respect for everyone. Sara’s parents, her father an attorney and her mother a lifelong educator and principal, taught Sara to always follow her dreams. Although there has never been a woman senator representing State Senate District 27, Sara’s background and experiences have led her to challenge one of the wealthiest politicians in South Texas. 

Without a doubt, Sara’s proudest accomplishment is her family. She is a mother of three children, Charlotte, Dakota, and Jon. Sara married Ricardo Barrera, who she met in Brownsville where they currently live.